Improvised Worlds

IMPROVISED WORLDSWorkshop Improvised Worlds

Free music for the curious!
There are undreamt-of possibilities in this workshop to discover new musical worlds together and to further develop musical skills.
All instruments and voices from beginners to professionals are welcome.
All you need to bring is curiosity and a desire for new things!

Topics of the workshop:

  • The creative design of expressive musical event fields
  • The possibilities of transforming the event fields
  • The multi-layered staging of free improvisations
  • The compositional awareness
  • The varied design of the free flow of improvisation
  • The inclusion of clearly structured event forms
  • The diverse range of possibilities of playing together within an ensemble
  • The conception of compositions for improvising ensembles
  • The exciting flow of possibilities

From October:
The Great Pata Workshop
Informative, refreshing, inspiring
Workshop over 6 months
1x per month for 3 hours each

Course fee for a total of 6 workshop days: 180,- €
Course leader: Norbert Stein

28.10. / 25.11. / 16.12 / 27.01.2024 / 17.02. / 16.03.
Each from 4.00 to 7.00 p.m.
Location: Cologne, Pata Studio, Lindenstr. (near Rudolfplatz)

Further information and registration:
Andrea Gellert / Tel. 0049 179 113 4491 /