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Multiphonics Festival 2023

The new 12-member PATA ORCHESTRA
Pata Kandinsky
An orchestral work rich in images for improvising musicians: Sound figures, spaces, melodies / Expression and communication.

Advance notice:
The 47-page practice book for shaping time and lines in the flow of different time signatures.
Publication date: Autumn 2023 by Chili Notes Music Publishers

Cover PATA POLARIS HeartlandNew CD Release:
PATA POLARIS “Heartland” (Pata 25)
The trio for new wind music

The beauty of traditional music and the exciting experience of something beyond.
It´s the pata melodies!
Rich in images and expressive, they open up spaces of free worlds.
Norbert Stein – tenor saxophone; Nicolao Valiensi – euphonium; Michael Heupel – flutes


New release:
Extensive exercise book to promote instrumental skills and further development of contemporary melody.

A surprisingly creative look at a piano’s keyboard landscape reveals mountains, mountains, valleys and spirals and leads to the discovery of a wealth of new melodic lines.

Speak Like A ChildStadtgarten podcast “Speak Like A Child“:
The music journalist Michael Rüsenberg in conversation with Norbert Stein.
(In German)