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Monday, 6th June, Remembering Juergen Wuchner, Darmstadt, Foerderverein Jazz e.V.
Saturday, 29th October, Pata Ensemble, Loft, Köln, Wissmannstr. 30

New release:

Exercise book for studying the transformation of the melodic expression of tone series by changing the weighting and accentuation of bars.

On a total of 132 pages, SHIFTING offers systematic exercises for the further development of melodic knowledge and skills as well as for promoting instrumental fluency for creating a virtuoso flow of playing.
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Speak Like A ChildA new episode of the Stadtgarten podcast “Speak Like A Child“: The music journalist Michael Rüsenberg in conversation with Norbert Stein.
(In German)

Pata RoomsThe series of projects for Collective Composing:
On the electromagnetic nature of the body … Can you hear me? … April in Cologne … The Robinson Experience … Lila Maya … Black Shirt from Sicily … In Transition … Emanation of a Love Bird … The Changing of Tradition … Trilogy

Pata CollagesThe workshop about Coincidence and The surprising whole:
Das Mobile … Die Anweisungen … Wunschkonzert … Die Namen … Die Partitur … Zeichen … Die Quadratur des Kreises … Scherenschnitte … Das Hörspiel … Die Kurve … Summen & noch etwas Anderes … Der Rhythmus der Dinge … NAH-rung … Pott-Cast … Jetzt

New series:
Recent Patamelodies with paintings by Ingrid Noemi Stein
The lover … Amber Times … Farewell, my love … Headbanging … Homeland Trilogy … Mr. Ping & Mrs. Pong … My bizarre, touch the wind

FLOWNew release:
Exercise book for the improvisational handling of metrically pulsating time.

In 6 chapters, FLOW offers practical exercises for the study of metric time management, the development of a metric flow and its various design options:

92 pages, spiral bound
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Pata WorkbooksIn 3 volumes with a total of 325 exercises, the PATA WORKBOOK offers a thorough way to master comprehensive interval connections and the development of a superior saxophone technique over the entire tone range of the instrument

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The practical book for the study of contemporary melodies and the development of improvisational skills.

The book contains 57 compositions in 12 chapters, thus offering a wide variety of contemporary melodies: from the simple beauty of a familiar tonality to clear lines which reach beyond conventional tonality and create something new. The compositions included in MELOS can be found on the author’s varied CD recordings.
Each of the compositions is augmented by a variety of practical exercises.

117 pages, spiral bound
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CD Pata Messengers The latest CD release:
“We Are” Pata 24

Vibrant melodies open spaces for a thrilling contemporary music.
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Norbert Stein – tenor saxophone, composition; Philip Zoubek – piano; Joscha Oetz – double bass; Etienne Nillesen – prepared snare drum + cymbal