Exercise book for improvisational handling of metrically pulsating time

In 6 chapters, FLOW offers practical exercises for the study of metric timing, the development of a metric flow and its diverse design options:


The exercises deal with the basic relationship between notes and an underlying meter as well as the different gaits within a meter and the possibilities of artfully dividing the individual beat.

The grouping of a pulse leads to the emergence of different time types and in numerous exercises FLOW offers, in addition to the thorough development of a safe sense of rhythm, the practical exploration of the possibilities of a polyrhythmic structuring of the melodic flow.

The exercises are brought into a larger form in different time signatures, attention is drawn to the formative time interval between the parts of a melodic bow and the possibility of a coherent formation of forms is explained using the example of a symmetrical further development of a rhythmic initial motif.

In the final chapter FLOW shows how lines of an open, improvised flow can be logically connected.

All exercises in FLOW are rhythmically notated and therefore remain open as a creative challenge for all possibilities of melodic implementation, be it through scales, patterns or free-tonal / atonal.

As an example of a possible melodic shaping of the rhythmic motifs, movement designs are noted; they serve to stimulate the further development of one’s own musical language and musical abilities.