Pata Orchestra

The new program:


Pata KandinskyThe painter Wassily Kandinsky, co-founder of the “Blauer Reiter” group and later Bauhaus master, set down his creative thoughts on abstract visual art in three books:
  • Point and Line to Surface
  • On the Spiritual in Art
  • Essays on Art and Artists
Translated into music, these writings are the starting point for the  saxophonist and composer Norbert Stein to compose an orchestral work rich in images for improvising musicians: Sound figures, spaces, melodies / Expression and communication.

Line up:

Norbert Stein – tenor saxophon, composition
Michael Heupel – flutes
Georg Wissel – alto saxophon, clarinet
Ryan Carniaux – trumpet
Nicolao Valiensi – euphonium
Annette Maye – clarinets
Andreas Wagner – saxophones, clarinets
Pacho Davila – saxophones
Rainer Weber –  bass clarinet
Joker Nies – electronic
Uwe Oberg – piano
Florian Herzog – double bass
Joerg Fischer – drums