Pata Ensemble 3

Norbert Stein – tenor saxophone
Nicolao Valiensi – euphonium
Michael Heupel – flutes
Dirk Bell – guitar
Vasco Furtado – drums

It’s the pata melodies!
Rich in imagery and expressive, they open up spaces of free worlds.
The beauty of traditional music and the exciting experience of going beyond.
A music that draws from the full.
Composition and improvisation.
A fascinating flow of rhythms, harmonies
and the magnetic lines of the patamelodies.

Facets of the PATA ENSEMBLE


(aus der Reihe „Balladen und Choräle“ / aufgenommen im Neandertal)
Norbert Stein (Tenorsaxophon, Komposition) – Nicolao Valiensi (Euphonium)