Material Symphony

The Architecture of Freedom

Based on the current work MATERIAL SYMPHONY, saxophonist and composer Norbert Stein presents his conception of “Composition for Improving Orchestra” in 5 thematic focal points.

As part of his patamusik, the composer creates an “Architecture of Freedom,” which combines contemporary composition with improvisation with clear elaborations of sound patterns, musical structures and staged spaces.
So far, this concept has found its artistic expression in many promising projects, including “Graffiti Suite” (NDR Bigband); James Choice Orchestra; Pata Poetry Orchestra; “Pata Java” etc …

Themes of the lecture: Movements in the orchestra room – Music from language – Fields of materials – Collective traditions – Cosmic Stories.

About the origins of the Pata-Concept “Composition foer Improvising orchestra” and the video of an orchestral implementation.

Theory and praxis of new music

Theory and praxis of new music

Four thematic areas describe fundamental thoughts on the process of creating new music:

  • Paradigms in music
  • Tonal languages in communication
  • Stages of polyphony
  • Decisions in improvisation

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