CD Pata Messengers friends and dragonsEurope Jazz Media (EJM) - the community of European jazz journalists, jazz media professionals, and jazz broadcasters  -  has nominated the new CD PATA MESSENGERS "friends & dragons" as the German contribution to the Europe Jazz Media Chart.

W. Royal Stoke, author, critic, jazz historian, listed the CD "friends & dragons" in NOTABLE RELEASES OF 2016.

Pata Messengers play Rainer Maria Rilke

Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

The CD was nominated for the best list 2/2016 by the Jury Jazz

New CD: PATA MESSENGERS play Rainer Maria Rilke "Das Karussell" Pata 22

The scoring of 8 poems of Rainer Maria Rilke "in which he invokes haunting images that focus on the difficulty of communion with the ineffable in an age of disbelief, solitude, and profound anxiety. These deeply existential themes tend to position him as a transitional figure between the traditional and the modernist writers".

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone, composition; Nicola Hein - electric guitar; Joscha Oetz - double bass; Etienne Nillesen - prepared snare drum + cymbal; reading of poems by Ingrid Noemi Stein

Pata Music theme bookThe Pata Music theme book is available for download as .PDF

An edition of 51 themes, melodies, lines and motives of Pata-compositions.

CD Graffiti Suite An excerpt of the score of "Graffiti Suite" is part of Notations 21, a project by the musicologist Theresa Sauer.
"Notations 21 is a modern compendium and anthology, deriving its inspiration from Cage's seminal work. ... New composers are creating scores, the likes of which Cage could have never anticipated, that are graphic in nature, liberated from the traditional staff, and rival the best visual art in their aesthetic value."
With the composition "Code carnival" is Norbert Stein part of the CD-compendium "The Jazz in Germany" (Part 4: From Jazz in Germany to German Jazz).
"Hereby the jazz-historians Horst J.P. Bergmeier and Dr. Rainer E. Lotz present for the first time the developement of jazz in Germany: from the roots and beginnings to this day altogether in 4 parts, each with 3 CDs brimmed with music samples, rare photos and detailed liner notes."

Picture of Graphic notationThe column Texts on Music describes aspects of: Graphic orchestra music - Stages of Polyphony - Decisions in improvisation - Tonal languages in communication - Paradigms in music ...

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The Pata WorkbooksThe PATA WORKBOOK with 322 exercises in tonal and atonal range is available for free download as pdf-file (incl. index).
Part I "systematics" - Part II "random" - Part III "beyond"

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